Treatment of Lyme Disease

The treament of Lyme disease is dependent on the state of disease that the patient is suffering from. For the patient that has a Bull's Eye rash, a course of oral antibiotics is usually sufficient. There is a study that shows an 85% effectiveness of a single dose of Doxycycline within 24 hours of a tick bite. The converse being that 15% will fail with this treatment regimen and suffer further symptoms (damage). These additional symptoms can be prevented with a longer course of therapy. While many treating physicians will argue the appropriate length, 4 weeks of antibiotic treatment is more than sufficient to prevent further problems immediately following a tick bite with a Bull's Eye rash.

For patients suffering with an extended course of Lyme disease, the appropriate length of treatment is a subject of debate within the medical community. The standard of care is four weeks of therapy. However, there are numerous studies showing persistence of lyme bacteria following this appropriate four week course of therapy. Unfortunately many insurance companies have adopted the four week course of therapy as their gold standard for therapy.

Your treatment will be individualized and recomendations will be made based on your condition. Our office will attempt to obtain insurance coverage for your treatment, but there are instances when your insurance may not cover the appropriate treatment. In those instances other arrangements can be made to make sure you receive optimal treatment.